Cooking Lesson in Kyoto

Keiko, a cooking instructor certified by Washocook, can provide Japanese home cooking lessons
at Keiko’s real Japanese home kitchen or a rental kitchen.
I offer various menu, from which you can choose.
Those ranges from Kawaii (cute)Bento Box , Sushi-making, to seasonal cooking.


My highly recommended course
for the first-time visitors


Regular roll/ thin roll/ inside-out roll

味噌汁  Miso soup
照り焼きチキン Teriyaki chicken
和風サラダ Japanese salad
大福餅 Daifuku mochi

A Japanese set meal course


照り焼きチキン Teriyaki Chicken
だし巻き卵 Japanese omelet
なすの田楽 Grilled eggplant with miso paste
おにぎり Rice ball
味噌汁 Miso soup
野菜の胡麻和え vegetables dressed with sesame paste
漬け物 Japanese pickles

Chakinzushi course


茶巾寿司  Sushi wrapped with thinly egg omelet
蒸し物  steamed dish
( main ingredient is turnip, tofu, or lotus root)
大福餅  Daifuku-mochi
( Japanese sweets made from Azuki bean paste and mochi)

Vegetable sushi course


野菜寿司 Vegetarble Sushi
(toppings of sushi are all vegetables)
揚げ出し豆腐 Deep-fried tofu with Dashi stock
豆腐のゼリースープ Tofu jelly soup

Ramen and Gyoza course


焼き餃子 Gyoza
Pan-fried Gyoza dampling with crispy layer
醤油ラーメン Shoyu ramen
( in this course , we will make raman soup from scratch, not the noodle )

Sobazushi course


蕎麦寿司 Sobazushi
A type of sushi roll made with buckwheat noodles instead of vinegared rice
豆腐ゼリースープ Tofu jelly soup
和風トマトサラダ Tomato salad with Japanese dashi broth

Cold Miso Udon course


肉味噌冷やしうどん Cold Miso Udon
Cold Udon noodles with miso-flavored
ground meat and other toppings
和風サラダ Japanese salad
茶わん蒸し Steamed egg custard dish

Karaage chicken course


から揚げ Karaage chicken
炊き込みご飯 Japanese mixed rice
和風野菜スティック Stick vegetables with a Japanese touch
味噌汁 Miso soup

Okonomiyaki and Gyoza course


お好み焼き Okonomiyaki 
Osaka-style savoury pancake containing
meat or seafood and vegetables
焼き餃子 Gyoza
Pan-fried Gyoza dampling with crispy layer
ちくわの磯辺揚げ Chikuwa-no-isobeage 
Deep-fried Chikuwa seasoned with dried seaweed powder and mayo
きゅうりの漬物 Pickled cucumber 


Starting time1) 11:00 AM 2) 5:00 PM ( Recommended / Flexible )
Meeting PointJR Katsuragawa Station (the second station, 6 mins , from JR Kyoto Station)
The detailed information will be provided when booking confirmed.
Ending PointJR Katsuragawa Station

Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included
Cooking lesson fee, the cost of ingredients, Japanese tea

What‘s not included
transportation fee to get to the venue: from JR Kyoto station to JR Katsuragawa station costs 190yen.


If you have food allergy, please let me know.
The details about the venue will be communicated after your booking is confirmed. Please feel free to ask me anything.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation7 days prior to meeting time
50% Refund3 to 6 days prior to meeting time
No RefundWithin 2 day(s) prior to meeting time

⁕On an emergency situation, the case will be considered. In case of unexpected accidents or emergencies such as a natural disaster, I might have to cancel the class. In this case, you will receive a full refund that will be charged to the credit card used for booking, and I will take care of the transaction fees as well.